Some personal thoughts

On good things in life.
Some steps need to be taken alone. It’s the only way to really figure out where you need to go and who you need to be.

Mandy Hale

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Oma (vaimne) tervis on arvatavasti kalleim asi Investeeri sellesse

The Morning I started to appreciate independence


  • a sunrise view over the city
  • sipping a cup of good, freshly brewed coffee
Regret doesn’t mean you didn’t do well. Regret reminds that you can do better. TED
I’m building a team of winners

Grey Goose

Hea aga ei midagi erilist

Connected :)

NK sõnul kõige connectitum inimene tema LinkedIn networkis :)

Do what you do so well, that they will want to see it again, and bring their friends Walt Disney
Be the leader you wish you had R&K
Thanks a lot for your fast and reliable support once again. Hamburg